Workshops and Presentations

The Brain/Body/Pain Connection: The Intersection of Psychotherapy and Physical Therapy  9/17/13     Laramie, WY

Presented to physical therapy staff at Premier Bone and Joint Center of Laramie on the confluence of physical pain and emotional distress.

Transforming Trauma With EMDR: Level I and II Comprehensive Training           July 2013 at Omega, Rhinebeck, NY  

Assisted Laurel Parnell, PhD in 10- day training.   This was a wonderful opportunity to work closely with colleagues and support clinicians in their learning process as they begin to explore the healing power of EMDR.  Dr. Parnell teaches in a way that is deeply attachment-oriented, inviting therapist’s creativity, spirituality, and whole being into the process.

EMDR and Attachment- Expanding the Interweave  10/26/12  Fort Collins, CO

Presented for EMDR therapists at the Northern Colorado EMDR Network.  Discussed attachment dynamics and the implications for working with EMDR both in the therapy relationship and in the use of creative interweaves.

Our Issues Are In Our Tissues     9/29/12  Laramie, WY

Co-Presented for the public at Blossom Yoga in Laramie with certified yoga teacher Stephanie Long on the confluence of yoga, mental health and the neurobiology of mood.

Healing the Trauma of Childhood Sexual Abuse With Integrative EMDR   4/11/12  Casper, WY

Presented for students and professionals at the Casper College Wellness Conferenceon a model of integrating mindfulness, attachment, and ego state therapy to treat complex childhood sexual abuse.