Nuts and bolts of trauma therapy.

People often ask what is different about trauma therapy vs. other types of therapy, such as insight therapy.  My basic thoughts on this are that in trauma therapy we are constantly mindful of doing things opposite of the way trauma works.  Here’s a little compare-contrast table I think of when talking with clients or consultees about what we want to keep in mind so that therapy effective and safe-enough (when working with healing edges there is always a degree of discomfort- otherwise we wouldn’t be doing what we need to do!).  This is just a start, I’ll keep adding to it.

Trauma                                                 Trauma Therapy

too much too fast                                    little bits- “the slower we go the faster we get there”

no choices no control                              taking time to decide what to address and how- the client has full say

power over/over-powered                       power sharing- each person has boundaries, rights and opinions of value

voiceless, wordless                                   slowly placing words on feelings and bringing voice into memory

no preparation no warnings                     decide together what’s needed for the job and when will be safe to start

overriding danger signals                          honoring all parts inside that may feel mixed or scared about the work



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