Happiness is for everyone

We can fall into a way of thinking about happiness that somehow our own happiness will take away from others, that it is somehow selfish to be happy, or wrong to be happy when others are suffering.  Talking about this in the office the other day, noticing the fall sunlight filtering into the room, I noticed a similarity between sunshine and happiness.  It shines equally over the earth, and just because one flower is absorbing sunshine, there is no less for the flower next to it.  No flower thinks “I don’t deserve sunshine” or “If I take in the sun’s energy I am bad or greedy” or “how dare I get all this sunlight when the flower next to me is dying.”  Of course, these thoughts and feelings are complicated and may at times have served a useful purpose, for example if someone would be berated in their home for shining too bright.  But when the circumstance has changed, see if it’s ok to open to a little of the sunshine.

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