Everything changes….

Often we resist change, fearful of the unknown, unsure what it will be like if there is something new.  Yet change is everywhere, and touches everything.  This time of year it is easy to see.  Leaves change color and fall off trees and the light comes later in the morning and leaves earlier in the evening.  When we’re sunk in a painful feeling, it’s hard to remember, but emotions have a life cycle and are affected by the same laws of change as all of nature.  Though we resist change, in this way it can be a great gift.  Stuck in a difficult interaction with someone recently, I finally decided to just give in to the feeling of anger that had been coming up repeatedly.  Aware of the anger instead of afraid of it, I could notice that it was telling me something important, and I could listen to it and make choices on my own behalf, rather than be ruled by it.  It’s scary to let go and just allow a powerful emotion to exist, but then with the laws of the universe being about change, why would this bad feeling I have be the only thing on earth that lasts forever?  Everything changes…living things come into being, age, and die.  Land moves together, makes mountain ranges, splits apart.  When we can know this and become more comfortable with it, we can take great comfort in it when we are in pain.

Posted in Transformation through awareness