Resources For Clients

Here are some of my most recommended resources for reading at home.  Please keep in mind that reading and “doing work” at home can sometimes be helpful or grounding, and sometimes be overwhelming.  Take your time and only do what feels right.

Healing From Trauma and The Emotionally Absent Mother, by Jasmine Lee Cori.  Cori’s work is simple, accessible, and thorough.  She takes a supportive, informative angle in her writing, rather than a “to do” list approach to healing.

Codependent No More, by Melody Beatie.  This book is a lifeline for people who find themselves in a rescue/resent cycle, have difficulty knowing what they want for themselves, or can’t seem to prioritize self care.

You Are the One You’ve Been Waiting For, by Richard Schwartz (Available from the Center for Self Leadership).  Schwartz talks about how to take care of all the parts of ourselves, so that our relationship is free to access what he calls “courageous love.”

EMDR Resources: What is EMDR? Here is an accessible article on the research on EMDR and some discussion about it’s uses and mechanisms.