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Ignoring, rejecting, or clinging to our pain only increases it. Acceptance is the path to transforming it.

This is a beautiful article from about acknowledging our pain without falling into the downward spiral of suffering.

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It’s not so much emotions, but reactions to emotions that make all the difference.

Emotion is a powerful experience, and a physical experience.  What our thoughts say is fear, sadness, joy, hope, regret, anxiety, love…is really a translation by our brain of the signals carried to it by the nerves that travel all over

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Facing other people’s pain

It’s hard to know what to do when terrible events occur far beyond the reaches of our ability to fix them, both in terms of geography and the limits of our own power.  It’s upsetting to watch the news, but

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Vulnerability and Shame

Brene Brown gave two great talks at TED, one on vulnerability and one on shame.  She talks about vulnerability and our misconception of it as weakness, redefining it as strength, courage, and the birthplace of innovation and creativity.  Shame, she

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Self Care

What does self care really mean?  Getting to the gym, “taking time for yourself,” eating right?  When I talk with people, both therapists and clients, they’re either doing these things or they seem too difficult to make time for.  Recently,

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One of my favorite metaphors for therapy!

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Nuts and bolts of trauma therapy.

People often ask what is different about trauma therapy vs. other types of therapy, such as insight therapy.  My basic thoughts on this are that in trauma therapy we are constantly mindful of doing things opposite of the way trauma

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Mental Floss

In sessions people often find great comfort, soothing, and a sense of grounding in taking even one mindful breath.  A mindful breath simply means that in a stance of “just noticing,” we watch with soft attention and awareness the movement

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Happiness is for everyone

We can fall into a way of thinking about happiness that somehow our own happiness will take away from others, that it is somehow selfish to be happy, or wrong to be happy when others are suffering.  Talking about this

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Everything changes….

Often we resist change, fearful of the unknown, unsure what it will be like if there is something new.  Yet change is everywhere, and touches everything.  This time of year it is easy to see.  Leaves change color and fall

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